Monday, September 28, 2009

Goal Differential

It is important for coaches to be aware of the goal differential during a game to prevent the score from getting out of control. The differential is not a concern only at the end of games but should be front and center during a game. Kids (and parents) do not like to be on the losing end of a lopsided victory and these differentials have lead to many kids leaving the game of soccer. If it’s not fun kids will not play, after all who wants to play a game that’s not fun.

As coaches we can work to prevent this from happening by recognizing the game trends early on and working with your players to challenge them more and to keep the score under control. Coaches can move players back from an attacking position to a defensive posture while also preventing defenders form passing half. At the same time require that all players must pass the ball a minimum number of times before they can shoot. This will vary based on age group, U10s 4 times, U12 6 times and U14 8 times. You may also want to have them work on other skills such as crossing or passing back to reset the attack. In the end please be aware of the score and work to keep it under control. You can take a negative situation (no competition) and turn it into a learning experience.

If you need suggestions contact a fellow coach or any member of the travel subcommittee.

Dracut BU10-3 vs Lowell

A dominating performance by the young men from Dracut was lead by stellar goal keeping and a powerful offensive attack. Multiple players joined in the scoring which allowed the boys to work on passing and team play. The final score was Dracut 5-1.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Request for Spring 2010 Travel Coaches

We are currently accepting coaching applications for the Spring 2009 season for all travel coaching positions including U9 teams. We will be appointing “1” team coaches for U9/U10/U12/U14/U16/U18 before tryouts and will be appointing other coaches after tryouts. If you are interested in coaching teams lower than the “1” team please submit your application now while indicating on your application that you are not looking to coach the “1” team.

I know it’s early but we need to have coaches in place to administer tryout sessions. Tryouts dates and times will be announced soon after the September board meeting. We request that all coaches volunteer to help conduct the tryouts.

If you are interested in applying for a coaching position in the travel program, please fill out the attached application and submit it to the travel subcommittee ( by noon on Sunday, October 11th. The applications are reviewed by the DSA Travel Subcommittee and recommendations from the committee are approved by the board of directors. If you have any questions on coaching, feel free to contact Dennis Goodine (Travel Head Coach), Mike Balous (Boys Director) or myself (Girls Director).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

GU12-1 Tie Game

Wow! A great game with a fantastic finish. The game was a scoreless tie until the first few minutes into the second half when Wakfield slid one past the keeper. Dracut tied the game on a penalty kick by Emily Tierney. Then with one minute left in the game Wakefield again took the lead with a break away. Less than 45 seconds later Dracut was awarded another penalty kick when a Dracut player was taken down in the goal box. Once again Emily put the ball in the back of the net as time expired. It was fantastic to see a team never give up.

Field Changes

With the latest (and hopeful last) field changes we have been given access to the Dracut High School JV soccer field by the Dracut School department. Now that access to the field has been restored we will be making a couple changes. First we will be moving all U14 games and practices to Dracut High and secondly we will be moving the U6/U7 fields to the front half of the Veterans soccer fields. The move of the U7 fields was needed to avoid Saturday morning conflicts with Pop Warner. Through this process Lori Cahill at the Rec Department has been very helpful and has worked to find us the space we need. If you see her thank her for helping us provide soccer to the kids of Dracut.

Picture Weekend

What a beautiful weekend for team and individual pictures. It was great to see all the kids from 4 to 14 posing for the pictures and making their moms smile.

GU14-1 Coach Change

The DSA travel subcommittee has appointed Carey MacDonald to serve as the coach for the remainder of the fall season. Carey has a long history of coach in Dracut soccer and in MAPLE.